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There hasn't been a protocol that reliably triggers profound shifts in human wellbeing and mental performance, until now. The Finders Course protocol is a proven, peer-reviewed, statistically reliable program that is structured to the highest academic standards. It took nearly a decade to develop.

Over 17 weeks, the program systematically introduces you to 26 of the most proven meditation and mind-training techniques combined with precision measurement.

The course blends meditation, mind-training and positive psychology in a groundbreaking way. Scientific data is collected via "Gold Standard" academic psychology measures, ongoing surveys filled out throughout the program, life narratives, and physiological devices.

With 2.5 years of baseline data, we know that the protocol is highly effective at triggering remarkable and fundamental shifts in wellbeing.

The overall aim of the protocol is to help participants determine what meditation and mind-training techniques work best for them. Research has shown that nothing is more important to maximizing progress than finding the right technique.

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