The Great Experiment

This will be the largest experiment ever conducted that seeks to discover a predictable pattern between psychological states and a wide range of biological signals. Imagine being able to know exactly what meditation or mind-training method to use to focus or relax, when and how long to use it for optimum impact, and more. From precision meditation to better wearables, if found, this connection will usher in a new era of tools allowing human wellbeing to flourish in ways never previously imagined. Beyond wellbeing, we expect a wide range of fascinating and actionable data to be uncovered that involves everything from physical health to human performance.

The course is based on a global research project into one of the most positive ways of experiencing life: Ongoing and Persistent forms of Non-Symbolic Experience. The Finders Course protocol helped 73% of people who used it during our 2014-2015 experiments report reaching Ongoing Non-Symbolic Experience (ONE).

The protocol is based on 10+ years of academic research, with over 1,200 participants who variously gave in-depth interviews; participated in neuroscience and other biodata research; and/or underwent gold-standard empirical psychological measurement for things like depression, anxiety, life-satisfaction, and so on. Hundreds of participants have been through our experimental Finders Courses up to this point.

This body of data on meditative states represents one of the largest research cohorts on consciousness in the world. By taking the Finder’s Course you are contributing to a global experiment studying the effectiveness of these meditation states.

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